Arcana Arcana
StyleDark Ambient, Neoclassical, Darkwave
Description The music of Arcana is beautiful, intense and full of longing. The band creates a rich sound-scape that envelopes the listener and places them as a lost soul wandering in a dark and eerie landscape. We are delighted to present this legendary and influential band for only their second live appearance in the UK. Not to be missed!
FromSweden, Spain
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The Moon and the Nightspirit

The Moon and the Nightspirit The Moon and the Nightspirit
StylePagan Folk
Description With rich female vocals, enchanting strings and engaging percussion the band transports the listener to another world, an ancient, timeless, magical place inhabited by the spirits of nature. Their music is always full of emotion, be the song gentle and wistful or powerful and passionate. To date they have released four studio albums to much critical acclaim so it is a wonder that this talented group are only now making their UK début.
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Spiritual Front

Spiritual Front Spiritual Front
Description The band specialise in setting very dark, bitter, melancholy, nihilistic lyrics to contrasting music that is tender, jolly or even comic. Their style is best described as neofolk with strong neoclassical, rock, tango and swing elements.
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The Eternal Fall

The Eternal Fall The Eternal Fall
StyleMelodic Gothic Rock
Description Classic Gothic guitar music with a modern feel, complete with all the passion and sorrow one would expect. This hard-working band have already established a well-deserved following in the UK and one that will surely grow.
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The Infinite Three

The Infinite Three
StyleImprov, Dub, Electronic
Description Defying categorisation, the band describe their music as a blend of noise, improv, found sound, dub, metal, electronic music and anything else they feel like! The result is brooding and unsettling but nonetheless very pleasing. Those familiar with the previous project, Leisur::Hive, will instantly notice the resemblance but this new project is allowing for the exploration of some new and fruitful creative avenues.
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Stuzha Stuzha
StyleDark Ambient, Field Recordings, Folk
Description Stuzha is a one-man project integrating Siberian field recordings into ambient folk arrangements and is the softer sister to the _Algol_ project. Each song paints a different picture in the listener's mind of the land of severely harsh but beautiful nature that is the far north of Russia. This landscape is explored using recorded sounds such as fire, footsteps trudging through snow, gusts of wind, breaking wood, the echoes of a hollow cave, rain and thunder. The music also draws on the folklore of the region.
FromRussia, Siberia
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Those who attended Black Veil or the associated festival, Beyond the Veil, will well remember the classic partnership of DJs De’Ath and Andy C. Between them they can be relied upon to play an eclectic mix from the Dark and Gothic genres featuring the best old and new music from across the globe.

DJ De’Ath DJ De’Ath travels frequently throughout Europe and indeed the world, seeking out new music and appearing as a guest DJ. After many years resident at Black Veil he is now resident at Darklands in York.
DJ Andy C After many years resident at Black Veil and many guest appearances elsewhere, DJ Andy C now runs Continuum in York.